sexta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2013

Zeekizira Album

Azee is one of the new and innovative producers in Brazil and until recently he was as an intricate member of the renowed Brazilian Soul Crew.

Now gladly Azee Project will release his awaited debut album “Zeekizira” in January for which he signed tracks with Daniel Reis and Diviniti, and remixes for eDeep and Tarek. Also, he got remixed by DJ Mtshepang and V.O.S Brothers.

Zeekizira means mess, fun and happiness and you can check it all on his journeys between Brazilian and African feelings with a tech, soulful and jazzy house grooves.
© 2013 Grooveland Music. All right reserved.
Release date: January 31st at  Traxsource
Early feedbacks:

Marlon D
Underground Collective 
Awesome jams keep up the good work!

Ron Tren
Sounds good so far !!!

Kevin Masterkev
GREAT album !

Marivent Music
Album is nice with some great deep stuff on it. My favorite track is "O Groove" feat. Daniel Reis. 

Grooveland Music
Very nice album! 

Greg Gauthier
Dance Culture
Azee Album is on fire

DIN Recordings
Loving the album.

Grooveland Music
The album is sounding very raw, deep and nasty!!! Full support from me. "I Cant Live Without Your Love" is my favorite. 

DJSD ja Cordis
SoultoUnite Radio
Proper African touch. Just the one that gets you going.

Alan O
Multi Storey Soul Radio Show,
RTE Pulse, Dublin, Ireland.
An array of essential tracks on this album, personal fave been 'I Can't Live Without Your Love' feat Diviniti, will be supporting various tracks on the show over the coming weeks. 

Zulus At Work
Aluku Rebels
Tits a good album, the additional remixes definately add flavour to the whole thing. We loved the V.O.S brothers remix and Daniel Reis outdid himself on the O-Groove track. We support it for sure. 

Soul Candi
Let the music ply. I like the album.

Future Vision Records
Big Tune! 

sexta-feira, 23 de novembro de 2012

SoulBasics feat. Kyla Sexton - Rest Your Mind (Remixed)

Early 2010, Grooveland Music ventured into lounge/chillout territories with Rest Your Mind, produced by english maestros Matt Bell & Steve Fox aka SoulBasics and voiced by the lovely australian singer Kyla Sexton. Two years into the future, we are proud Part 2 of the project, featuring a set of remixes not to be missed.

Kicking of the package, the duo reworks their production into a latin-esque jazzy affair filled with live drums & percussion. Steve Fox goes solo for the second remix, presenting a sexy deep/tech rub full of spacey keys. Cabana Record head-honcho Justin Imperiale delivers a summerish interpretation built around an amazing guitar solo. Rounding the pack, brazilian rising-star Douglas Marques combines Kyla’s sexy voice with catchy keys and a rumbling bassline, resulting on a delicious soulful house number.

© 2012 Grooveland Music. All right reserved.
Available exclusivity at 
Early feedbacks:

Nick Moss

Groove Assassin
Loving this remix package. Quality stuff. Hard to choose a fav mix ! Full support.

Mthulisi Patrick

Peng Africa

Ronan C

Finest Radio Show
I will play a lot !!!

DJ Aphreme

Seasons Records
Lovin the flexibility of this release,we can find Latin,Techy & Jazzy touch,very smooth, very danceable,diggin all these versions and my favourites are Justin Imperiale & Douglas Marques

Domenico Navarra

Grooveland Music
Sweet nuyorican soul vibes on the latin jazz mix, beautiful production ! Pick of the pack has to be Mr Imperiale's remix, drenched with quality the man can do no wrong !

Antonio Ocasio

Tribal Winds
Now this is MUSIC!  Latin Jazz mix is happening.  Vocals, music - it's all dope.

Dr Bob Jones

Great production on all tracks, well usable and you have my full support on this wicked slice of Latino modern soul.

Henri Kohn

Clubstar Records
Nice single. Steve's Cut 'n' Paste Sub-Dubmental for me.

quinta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2012

Michele McCain - If you Don't Know Me By Now

If You Don't Know Me By Now was originally written by the legendaries Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff and recorded by the Philly soul musical group Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, which became their first chart hit after being released back in 1972. Through the years, the song was recorded by the likes of Patti LaBelle, Simply Red and Seal.

Now, 40 years into the future, Michele McCain's exciting new interpretation of the classic made its way into the succesful full lenght album "Marivent Soul" and now sees the light of day as a full single, with remixes from BKR, Jonny Montana, Dave Matthias and Look @ F.
 Once again, Michele delivers a stunning vocal performance that oozes with soul, with BKR giving the song an uplifting feel good vibe fueled with thumpin' beats, rumbling b-line & funky guitar licks. The legendary Dave Matthias turns the song into a dancefloor monster with its intense build up and euphoric drops. Jonny Montana, on the other hand, delivers a lush & smooth house affair featuring an unmistakable rhodes chord, jazzy piano & sax solos, free-flowing flutes, all over a sexy & percussive backing. Rounding off the package, italian DJ/producer Look @ F goes for a tribalish bigroom dub. 

One single not to be missed!
© 2012 Grooveland Music. All right reserved.
Available exclusivity at 
Early feedbacks:

Purple Music
Nice track! The remix by Jonny Montana is hot!!!

Kam Vird
Really nice selection of mixes looking forward to dropping in our next few shows. 

Sammy Rock
Wonderul vocal my Michele McCain. All the mixes are on point and cant find a favorite mix. Pick this up !! Jonny Montana for the bar set or Look @ F to destroy the main room. 

Cherry Global Radio
Very nice, will play! Jonny Montana Vocal Mix works best for me!  

quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2012

Michele McCain - All I Can Do

All I Can Do is the first single of Michele McCain's full length album Marivent Soul released by Grooveland, involving Gene Leone and Benjamin Kristof Rakun who also are behind this wonderful song.

Michele McCain impresses with a fabulous vocal performance, with the Brazilian Soul Crew giving the song an uplifting feel good vibe on their mixes featuring jazzy piano and phat synth chords over a percussion driven backing.

 Michele McCain pres. Marivent Soul - All I Can Do by grooveland 

Andy Ward's vocal version is an irresistibly thumpin' affair fueled with enchanting keys and chords, with his dub powering up the vibe for ruthless peak time action. Gene Leone combines the fabulous vocals by Michele McCain with an organic and soulful yet funky percussive backing and amazing keys, with the result being simply outstanding. At last, John Mateo takes to deepest grounds, combining the fabulous vocals with jazzy keys and luscious chords, all perfectly arranged over a relentlessly thumpin' backing. One to be added to the top of you must have.

Mike Fossati
© 2012 Grooveland Music. All right reserved.
Available August 29th exclusivity at 
Early feedbacks:

Kiko Navarro
Pacha Rec
Very nice work from Mr. Leone.

Robert Owens
This was always one of my best loved tracks by Michele McCain, an amazing remix collection also a wonderful photo.

Davros and Flaskos
Frooty Records
Michelle luv ya, Andy dont luv ya in the same way, but we luv ya mix and will play it loud son, indeed.

John Cruz
Diggin the smooth house by BSC.

Adele Roberts
Galaxay FM - UK
BSC Dub Mix for me.

Alan Powell
Solar Radio - UK
BSC vocal mix is the one!!! Signifies what Soulful House means to dancefloors!! Absolutely gorgeous keys with a driving groove!! Total support of this gem!!

Colin Sales
Universe Media
CHOOO CHOOOOO!!!! Amazing, AMAZING music. Andy Ward Vocal Booth Mix is One of the my favourite tunes of the year. More please!!


terça-feira, 31 de julho de 2012

Michele McCain - Marivent Soul Album is OUT NOW.

Michele McCain is a New York City native appreciated for her extraordinary talent throughout the world.

It all started back in November 2009 when we introduced you to the wonderful "All I can do" by Michelle McCain presents Marivent Soul, in said review we mentioned that a full length album is in the works.

A few more highly acclaimed single releases followed since then, now gladly the wait is over and singer/songwriter/actress Michelle McCain will release her eagerly awaited debut album in August for which she joins forces with the likes of Benjamin Kristof Rakun, Gene Leone, Jonny Montana, Daniel Ambrojo Erasmo and Edground to new just a few of the involved artists and producers.

From the first to the last song, listening to Michelle McCain's refined voice and the masterly orchestration is sheer joy, and we must admit its really hard to pick a favorite as all are brilliantly arranged and produced.

Mike Fossati
© 2012 Grooveland Music. All right reserved.
Available at  Amazon |Djtunes | Itunes | Juno | Traxsource

terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2012

BSC feat Jessi Colasante - You & Me (Ofcial Music Video)

Grooveland Music presents official video for "You & Me" produced by Brazilian Soul Crew  featuring Jessi Colasante on vocals. 
A song for lovers, talking about meeting that special one!  
Directed by Swift Ruben Vidal.

sábado, 26 de maio de 2012

Deep Inside Ur Love

Brazil's Grooveland Music are going from strength to strength, with their latest release "Deep inside ur love" by Nayre Wiclef being a beautiful deep production featuring seductive vocals by J.A.M.O.N and ethereal keys over a smooth yet contaminous backing.

But thats not all as the release comes complete with slammin' remixes by Carlos Francisco who takes the track to deeper thrilling grounds, Edground who delivers a first-class truly soulful broken interpretation with Jessi Colasante in the backing vocals and Wideopenmind Project who serve an uplifting rework spreading a feel good vibe.

Mike Fossati
© 2012 Grooveland Music. All right reserved.
Available at Traxsource | Juno | Djtunes | Afrodesiamp3
Early feedbacks:

Boddhi Satva
Offering Records
Dope release!! I will support.

DJ Garphie
Soul Heaven
Deep inside Edgrounds Broken mix.

Vinny Da Vinci
House Africa
Dope!! Digging all the mixes.

Jon Silva

Pesto Music
Fantastic release, will play all mixes.

Brazilian Soul Crew
 Grooveland Music
Love this new Grooveland release. Carlos Francisco did an amazing remix. I will play.

Kevin Phillip

Lick FM
I like Edground's Broken mix! We will definitely be playing it on rotation on our radio station!!

Abicah Soul
ABicah Soul Recordings
great release. All mixes run the floor.

Robert Owens

 Great track and vocal, i'm feeling all mixes.

Denz Devarez

Edground broken mix is my fav on this single.


Soul & House Luxury Radio Show
Very exciting your new work!! In rotation in my radio show Carlos Francisco Remix.

DJ Aphreme

Seasons Records
It's very Hot!!!! I see myself on the dancefloor jammin to these tunes, great work!!! diggin all the versions!!!


Proceed Rec / Grooveland Music
Edground Broken Mix for me. Diggint it.


Purple Music
Cool deep-soulful vibes! Perfect for this summer!
Original and Carlos francisco Mixes for us but the other 2 mixes sound's goood!

Andy Ward

Vocal Booth
Edground mix is sublime ! Love Jamon's vocals.

Ochu LaRoss

Echodeluxe Recordings
Good release.

Marques Wyatt

OM Records
I´m diggin this.

Hippie Torrales

Felling the original & Edground mixes. Great laid back feel on Jamon's vocals.

Aris Makris

Aris Makris Radio Show
Great Work. Full support.


Bunk3R Records
Ibiza Grooves. Nice one.

Nick Holder

Good stuff here. I will support.

Mike Young

King Street
Wide Open Mind Remix for me!!

DJ Bee

 Bee Live Radio
Beautiful deep track. PERFECT groove. Carlos Francisco Remix for me. Full Support radio/sets.

Sol Elements

Grooveland Music / Natural Essence Media
Reaaally deep into the vibe!!!hot bassline!!!Love Carlos Fransisco mix.

Big Logan

Jersey Soul
This is a hot release. Really feelin the Original Mix and the Carlos Fransisco mix.


 King Street
Huge package, love them. Full support!

Martin Patino

Edground Broken Love Mix for me!

Benjamin K. Rakun

Marivent Music International / Grooveland Music
This track is hot! Very nice specter with remixes. I feel  Edground Broken Love Remix.

DJ Leon El Ray

I felt in Love! Wonderfull warm sounds with a very soultry vocals. This is the sound for this Summer! Will be play in every Pool Bar. 

Cherry Global Radio
Really Nice! Gr8 remixes, which to play first? Enjoyin!!

Sammy Rock
THis is release is banging ! All  the producers and vocalist did thier thing.Top Tune.


DIN Recordings
Brilliant mixes, love them all incl. the original. All well translated. The Edground Broken Love Mix is my tune of the day! Lovely :)

DJ Cordis

Soul to Unite RADIOHOUR
Release is dope, especially we dig Edground's Broken Love mix.

Douglas Marques
Grooveland Music
Stunning song, love the vibe on it !! Full support, there's a style to every hour of the day, congrats to all involved.

Dj Saint Louis

Zipped Records
Original and wideopen project remix for me. Well done.

Nino Blink

Creepy Finger Rec
I like the Carlos Francisco Remix, will play this out.

Chris Samba

Defected / Soul Heaven
Smashing the Original. Edground Mix is pure class.

Vasile Gorbani

EchoDeluxe Recordings
Brilliant EP! Original Mix for me.

Phil Monnerat

Monnerat Music
Great Release! Edground Remix is my favorite!

Dean Chapple

Rupture Records
Great idea, and a great vocal. Carlos Francisco Mix for me!

segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

Athens Keys EP

The next release on Grooveland Music will be the delectable "Athens Keys EP" featuring two beautiful productions by Sugar House (Paul Tsoras & Theo Evangelatos) and Sol Element & Dimi Stuff.

Grooveland presents Athens Keys EP by grooveland

Hotel Piano” by Sugar House is all about a grand jazzy piano and percussion enriched smoothly stompin' backdrop altogether creating a laidback yet captivating feel, while "Smooth" by Sol Element & Dimi Stuff uses deeply thumpin percussive rhythms as playground for lush synths and jazzy keys to create a warm melodious feel.
Mike Fossati
© 2012 Grooveland Music. All right reserved.
Available at 

Early feedbacks: 

Antonio Ocasio
Tribal Winds
I'm diggin' this smooth sound

Booker T
Kings of Soul
Yes, feeling this EP. Great music soulful to the max.

K Phil
Lick FM
Great EP guys, loving the summers sound!! Cannot wait to play this on the beaches this summer!!

Dino Michael
Godfathers House Radio Show GHFM
This is absolutely beautiful! Both tracks are rocking!! FULL SUPPORT on my show and in the clubs! KILLER!!

DeeperSoul Blog
Great Deep & Jazzy tracks. "Hotel Piano" is my fav, really beautiful and perfect for those treasured sunset moments!
Sábado, 21 de Abril.
Grooveland Sessions @ Resenha Lounge
Taubaté - SP

Edground : Marcos Skin : Glenio : DJ DD

Grooveland, selo brasileiro de house, apresenta sua nova noite mensal em Taubaté, o Grooveland Sessions no Resenha Lounge localizado na região central da cidade.

Os djs residentes Edground e Marcos Skin recebem os convidados Glenio e DJ DD para uma noite com muita house music.

Sejam muito bem vindos.
:::::: 21 de Abril :::::::
::::: RESENHA LOUNGE :::::
Rua Dr Souza Alves 939
Taubaté - São Paulo
Infos: (12) 3413-844